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Children’s, Families & Wellbeing (CFW) Agile Working

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

Agile working enables employees to access systems from a range of locations, to contact customers more flexibly and provides opportunities to streamline processes, thereby delivering efficiencies. Providing the correct technology empowers the workforce to work in ways that best suit their needs and the needs of those they work with, by removing the traditional limitations of where and when tasks must be performed.
CFW Management highlighted the need to identify an agile ICT solution in order to improve the productivity of front-line Social Work Practitioners and Managers, and enhance partnership working.
The project is providing over 300 social work practitioners and managers with access to the most up to date technology and devices.

Why do you think it should win this award?

I strongly feel that this project should win this award as the project is a significant change management/technology project in a service area where traditional methods of working have historically been difficult to remove. Engagement with the users has been integral in ensuring the solution implemented is best suited to meet the needs of the end users. In addition there has been engagement with managers to help them understand the change in culture required to ensure staff are allowed to be truly agile.
We have rolled out Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga devices which will allow staff to become more flexible in the way they work. Staff have been given training sessions to show them how best to harness the technology and to work in a way that suits the varying working styles.
Something that we are really excited about is the launch of the new Liquidlogic Adults Social Care (LAS) mobile app on the devices as we are the first Authority to launch the LAS app on the Windows platform. The app will allow staff to work on assessments offline with the ability to sync back to the main application. Staff can even capture digital signatures in the app using the device stylus.

What are the key achievements?

• Successful transition of staff from traditional desktops computers to new agile devices
• In depth training provided to staff supporting them with the new device and
• Implementation of the Liquidlogic LAS mobile app to support staff in working flexibly and more productively
• Securing of information with paperless records
• The positive feedback received from social care staff in relation to the device and the mobile app
• New Windows 8.1 build for the devices to allow for the deployment of the mobile app
• The ability to complete assessments and case notes via devices which will reduce duplication of notes and improve back office staff capacity and processes
• More flexible deployment of the workforce
• Improved client experience by ensuring information is captured accurately and timely – ‘one and done’ approach

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