St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital

Realignment of Leadership & OD Services to deliver strategic objectives

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

A change in Leadership presented an exciting opportunity to redesign and realign the services previously delivered through the Leadership and Organisational Development Team at St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospital (STHK) .The team consisted of 8 members of staff who traditionally provided learning interventions to ensure compliance, Leadership and Organisational Development initiatives.

A review of the services provided in July 2016 clearly indicated that whilst there was a desire to provide quality , cost effective and timely services, the reality was that very little was being delivered that was having any direct impact on both the local and organisational strategic objectives “Developing Organisational Culture and Supporting our Workforce”!

Getting to know the business, meeting staff, experiencing the work environment were all fundamental elements required to establish a baseline for the current reality – if we can’t measure where we are now , then it is difficult to measure the success of any change!

Developing relationships within the team and across the wider services within the organisation were fundamental elements used to inform and influence the changes required

Why do you think it should win this award?

This project should win the award to demonstrate how service redesign and reform can be achieved through a leadership style that adopts and implements the principles and practice of whole systems thinking successfully, during times of transformation and ambiguity.

This award would also be acknowledgement and recognition for all the team members who have fully embraced and took responsibility for their part in making a difference to the delivery of education , training and development services currently being provided across STHK , to enhance competence and capability to develop a flexible and competent workforce, that is sustainable for the future to continue delivering improved outcomes for patients.

The team should win the award in recognition of the organisations commitment , openness and transparency to welcome, embrace and drive change, empowering teams and individuals to be creative and innovative to engage , inspire and energise others across the organisation to grow and be the very best they can be, whilst working in some demanding and difficult roles.

The award will also recognise the support and appreciation from a Line Manager who values the skills, knowledge and contribution from a forward thinking team

What are the key achievements?

The following key achievements were delivered:
Rebranding of Team Name , Roles and priorities
A true sense of identity and purpose is in place – staff and services know what we do , and more importantly what is not ours to do.
All team work priorities have a direct link to the organisational strategic objectives ” Developing Organisational Culture and Supporting our Workforce”!
Team members are fully exposed to operational services and are recognised for what we deliver.
Team members have grown both personally and professionally to enhance theirs competencies and create flexibility in resources.
Team members are energised , driven and confident to lead and inspire change in others.
Processes have been streamlined to maximise time, cost and resources appropriately.
Administration work has been repositioned with the appropriate departments.
The delivery of services is planned and no longer reactive.
The model applied in practice to redesign and reform this team is being utilised across other services to make a difference.
The team operate as a self-led , self managed team enabling and supporting managers to do the strategic thinking and planning to continue developing and improving the services.

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