Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

‘BIBO’ Better Information Better Outcomes

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

BIBO is an animation which highlights the importance of recording electronic information and the benefits of doing so; using a fruit-picking analogy. It was developed by staff from Oldham Community Services, part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, in a group comprised of Clinical and Corporate colleagues.

The Trust has introduced a number of electronic systems in recent years to support the Government’s aim of a paperless NHS by the year 2020; the latest being an Electronic Patient Record system. The group wanted an innovative way of promoting the use of this and other electronic systems across the Trust, without relying on the usual methods of email, intranet and conventional e-learning which can be difficult for clinical staff to access.

Accessibility and duration were important factors, so the animation could be viewed when a small window presented itself. As a result, it is 4½ minutes long and can be viewed at any time via the Trust’s intranet or YouTube. It emphasises the importance of accurate and timely recording of information; yet conveys that in a short and interesting way.

The animation is narrated by a Paediatric Nurse Consultant from Oldham

Why do you think it should win this award?

The Trust has employed a number of approaches over the years to engage staff in the use of electronic reporting systems with varying degrees of success. Traditional methods, including PowerPoint presentations (lengthy ones!), trainer-led training courses and video presentations are tried and tested but all rely on an individual investing time that is often in short supply, particularly for clinical staff.

The animation is bite size yet it provides all the essential information. It is accessible to individuals, teams and for larger groups (staff engagement sessions and Trust Induction). It uses a recognisable interesting analogy for what is often regarded as a dry subject which staff sometimes don’t see as being important to them.

The feedback from clinicians and corporate colleagues alike has been really positive and the animation is helping to change perceptions of electronic systems being ‘bean counters’ to really useful and important sources of information.

The animation has been designed in such a way that it can be used for years without requiring an update; and as the subject matter is important to all NHS organisations aiming to be paperless by 2020, it can be viewed by anyone, anywhere at any time via YouTube.

What are the key achievements?

• The animation was developed by a collaboration of clinical and corporate colleagues
• It contains short yet succinct messages about the importance of data collection and the use of electronic records
• Having launched in July and published on YouTube in August, it has so far been viewed 170 times on YouTube, around 1500 times on the Trust’s intranet site (25% of staff) and shared with 100 people at staff engagement events
• Of the 100 people who viewed it at the staff engagement events, 82% said it would encouraged them to use electronic systems more often
• It is easily accessible for clinical, non-clinical, mobile working and office based staff
• It can be shared far and wide – the key messages are important for all NHS organisations
• It delivers a consistent message to staff
• It is flexible enough to be viewed individually, by a team or at all staff events
• It supports individual and organisational development
• It references some of the lessons that have been learnt from system implementation projects; and how the Trust is still learning and improving
• It has received very positive feedback from clinical and corporate staff alike

The animation can be viewed here: