North Yorkshire County Council

Parish Portal

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

Following several consultations with our parish councils, we created for them a portal, which accessed services already built in our customer portal, but enabled them to access them in a way specific to their needs including;
– Viewing notes against cases from highways inspectors
– Filtering cases and exporting data from account history screen- allowing offline working
– Uploading photos to service requests
– Functionality which allows them to customise a reference number to something that is meaningful to them
– Expanded transaction list showing summary of cases for their parish
– Ability to manage the access and administration themselves – more than one parish council or clerk can access the parish information

Why do you think it should win this award?

Partnership working- continued consultation with parish councils and councillors- both throughout the design and following launch
Reducing demand on contact centre and highways offices- Parishes are now able to detail on progression of reported cases
User centric design- users engaged from requirements definition to prototype and live testing
Agile development practice adopted promoting collaborative working between technical teams, Service area and users

What are the key achievements?

222 parish councils registered to since launch in June- on track for current target of 350 by December
Agile development promoted collaborative working style throughout and issues were quickly resolved, with service teams working closely with technical development teams

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