North Yorkshire County Council

ENCTS Service Delivery

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

Redesign/build of our ENCTS service for both age and disabled passes. This included changes across the different channels, significantly shifting citizens online. Online interactions being managed front end through our transactional portal however this integrates with back office systems for provision of the cards.

Why do you think it should win this award?

Significant shift from F2F channel to Online and telephony
Previously no ability to complete this service over the telephone- previsouly paper form was sent
Previously no ability to apply for disabled passes online- which we know is the channel of choice following discussions with disabled user forums
Straight forward online process- making the complex easy, with things like validation of proof of ID and easy to use photo cropper.

What are the key achievements?

This service has only been live for a relatively short period and we have not yet promoted this through any kind of campaign however we have already seen a switch of

Age passes
40% online
60% telephone

25% online
70 F2F/Paper

Disabled passes
29% online
71% telephone

0% online
100% F2F or paper submission

Using an agile lead development, we have also enabled delivery within time constraints realising benefits in contracting costs

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