Manchester City Council

To deliver a social value tool kit to support suppliers, service providers and contractors.

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

With the Council embedding 20% social value weighting into the procurement decision there was a need to provide something that would support and provide guidance for suppliers, service providers and contractors as to what Manchester’s priorities are and should be considered when tendering for a Manchester City Council contract.

Why do you think it should win this award?

Why do you think it should win this award?
1. The tool kit was delivered and released in February, 2017 at an all-day event entitled ‘Procurement as a tool to enable growth and tackle poverty’, attended by Councillors, Local Authorities, Businesses, Charities, Housing Associations, Government, NHS and Voluntary Sector organisations, and Suppliers

2. The collaborative work that has been done between Manchester City Council’s Procurement Team and the Work and Skills Team to deliver clarity to and connect suppliers with the Council’s social value objectives as set out in the Greater Manchester Social Value Policy.

3. That through this collaboration the Council have delivered a social value tool kit which provides suppliers, services providers and contractors support and guidance with their tender submission in delivering social value for the Council under the following themes:

• Promote employment and economic sustainability
• Raise the living standards of all residents
• Promote participation and citizen engagement
• Build capacity and sustainability of the voluntary and community sector
• promote equity and fairness
• promote environmental sustainability

What are the key achievements?

The Council has a social value tool kit that sits alongside the tender documents and is attached to each tender issued through the Council’s E tendering Portal.

The tool kit accessible to the public through the Council’s web site.

The Council has received positive feedback nationally.

The tool kit is providing practical support with key contacts to enable suppliers, service providers and contract to implement social value into their businesses.

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