Blackburn Place-based Directory of Service for Link workers

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

• Develop a place-based directory of services such that all organisations across Blackburn can contribute in to it.
• Use the iStandUK service information schema to support interoperability
• Establish a custodian model such that the service information is trusted and is only collected once.
• Allow the various frontline or link workers to use their own need assessments based on a standard need spine (controlled list).
• Allow frontline workers to collect circumstance data as attributes (tick boxes)
• Develop a means to match needs to services such that a link worker assessment will automatically find appropriate services from the place-based directory according to need and circumstances.

Why do you think it should win this award?

• We are leading on a development which will have great benefit across the Health and Social Care system
• Supports the vision and key priorities from NHS 5 Year Forward View to improve prevention and take up of new technologies
• Willing to take a risk
• Finding a way to ensure the service information is credible/reliable
• Tackling a large waste of resources in service directory populating
• Cross sector working with Council, CCG and VCFS support
• Addressing fundamental requirement in Health and Social Care system
• Design and implement a tool which is key to integrated neighbourhood teams for Health and Social Care
• Strategic Support from Health and Social Care system: Frailty Group for Pennine and Lancashire Digital Health Board
• Willing and made capacity to test/trial when other wouldn’t or couldn’t

What are the key achievements?

• Willingness to share data – this is a great breakthrough
• Enhancing the quality of the available data
• Matching need assessments to services available
• Embedding in the Health and Social Care system vision for locality working
• Multi-sector collaboration – public, voluntary, academic and private sectors: CVS, Council Wellbeing data, Adult Social Care, Your Support Your Choice and AgeUK