Cheshire East Council


Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

‘Seeds’ is a new initiative with Cheshire East Council that focuses on ensuring that we handle information responsibly – particularly personal and sensitive information relating to residents, service users and staff members. Central to Seeds is a mandatory training course for all staff who have access to information (documents, records, systems etc.). Cheshire East Council, like all local authorities, handles a large amount of personal data and information. We needed this initiative in order to ensure we deliver our services effectively, and it is vitally important that we deal with information responsibly and keep it secure.

Seeds explains the way in which we handle information and Information Governance or ‘IG’. IG provides a framework to ensure that information is dealt with securely, legally, efficiently and effectively in order to minimise information breaches and avoid fines from the Information Commissioners’ Office.

As a requirement of our IG framework, an eLearning training course has been developed and is being rolled out on a departmental basis. This mandatory course is called SEEDS – OWNING AND CARING FOR INFORMATION.

Why do you think it should win this award?

This elearning course on ‘Owning and Caring for Information’ introduces key topics of information governance within a fun and interactive environment. It is a brilliant resource and has been well received by all staff.

With the gardener as your guide, visit different allotment plots to learn key tips and best practice. At the end of each plot, there is a quick quiz to test your knowledge. The aim of the game is to score 50 points by growing your plant to the top of the bamboo cane. But watch out for that “Greedy Rabbit”, as he will deduct points and munch away at your plant when you get an answer wrong.

Succeed and you will fill your allotment plots with crops and unlock the final assessment to get your certificate.

What are the key achievements?

Aims of the Programme
•To improve quality and standards for handling and processing data across Cheshire East Council
•To improve processes for information management issues
•To highlight the impact of information breaches and their associated risks
•To define staff responsibilities and ensure information is managed according to best practice