Bolton Integrated I M & T Group

Shared Health and Social Care Desktop

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/ service

The integrated I M & T Group for Bolton, is a partnership with representation from Bolton Council, Bolton CCG, Bolton FT Hospital, GMW, GP’s and voluntary sector. The group was established to use I M & T to enable the delivery of the Locality Plan and enable integrated working across the health and social care footprint. The team have recently delivered a shared desktop using VDI solutions, to integrated teams working together in the footprint. The group have developed principles around how IT is deployed, which maximise existing investments in equipment/ infrastructure at that site, whilst delivering “on demand” access to ICT. This shared desktop means that staff working in this area can have quick access to back office systems, using equipment provided by the host agency at that site – whether it a site where the ICT is provided by NHS/ or Council staff. We now have 70 staff using this approach and intend to roll it out across our footprint.

Why do you think it should win this award?

This is an innovative way to provide access to back office systems and the feedback from the Integrated Neighbourhood teams using this is great. They have been really excited about how quickly they now have access to the case management systems they use, rather than via old fashioned web portals from each respective agency’s ICT provider, which can be slow and complex to navigate. The ICT teams have worked together, with the support of Bolton’s ICT managed service provider Agilisys, to implement this bold new approach for the first time with such a large staff group. The use of VDI in this way is one of the solutions being proposed as part of the GM approach to health and social care reform and Bolton have already implemented this as part of our local approach.

What are the key achievements?

70 + integrated health and social care staff now have quick and simple access to back office systems. We have tested our principles around how we can maximise existing investment in infrastructure/ equipment to deliver this experience. We are now implementing the next phase which will see this in use more widely across our footprint.
The team have demonstrated really effective partnership working and the ability to look across organisational boundaries to create innovative solutions to front line challenges. We have worked to overcome security challenges which often impact and limit progress in this area, due to different standards and restrictions, to “make this happen”. The feedback from user surveys to date is really good in terms of how it has supported them in working more effectively. This ultimately helps to deliver better outcomes for our residents.