Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

With a couple of exceptions, only iNetwork member organisation can be entered for any of the award categories. The exceptions are nominees for the iStandUK and the Supplier Excellence awards. The iStandUK award is open to ANY local public sector organisation in the UK. Nominees for the Supplier Excellence award is open to any supplier that works with an iNetwork member organisation.

How can I tell if my organisation is an iNetwork member?

The list of iNetwork member organisations can be found on this webpage. iNetwork membership extends to all health organisations that hold a current subscription with AQuA. If you are unsure whether your organisation holds an AQuA membership, please contact them here.

Do I need to be nominated or can I enter myself?

For all the categories (except the supplier excellence and Outstanding Contribution awards) you can enter yourself via the nomination page, or nominate/be nominated by someone else. Nominations for the Supplier Excellence awards can only be made by iNetwork member organisations.

When do entries close?

Nominations are accepted until Sunday 16 September 2016 at midnight.

Why is the process for the Outstanding Contribution Award different?

The Outstanding Contribution Award is not open to public voting. This is because every iNetwork member organisation will be considered for the award and the criteria for judging this award is different. We will judge on what we know about each iNetwork member organisation, based on all the activity iNetwork can see where members have contributed to the community of learning and sharing best practice and innovation to improve local public services.

What do I need to include as part of my entry?

The entry form is very simple. All you need to do is tell us some basic details about yourself as the nominator, contact details for the nominee (so we can tell them that they have been nominated), a short description of the project/service/initiative, reasons for why you think this nominee should win, and what the key achievements are. Oh, and a nice picture too! The picture can be a team photo, a project logo or a headshot of the named nominee – whatever you think best represents the nominated initiative/project. One more thing…we can only accept nominations in English!

When will I be notified if my entry has been successful?

The finalists will be announced on 18th October 2016.

What is the nomination process?

For all categories except the Outstanding Contribution Award, entries for nominations are open until 18 September. We encourage entries to be submitted as soon as possible and not to wait until the deadline.
Once you have been nominated, your entry will be securely stored until voting begins on 26 September. Public voting closes at Midnight on Sunday 2 October. Public votes count towards which nominees will be submitted to the judging panel, and the number of votes will count towards the final score. The judging panel will judge the shortlisted nominees based on the information submitted on the entry form and will not be told how many public votes it received. However, the judging panel WILL see any comments submitted by voters.
Winners will be revealed at the iNetwork Awards Dinner on 16th November, in Manchester.

Who will be on the Judging Panel?
Each award will be judged by a different judging panel made up of thought leaders that serve the iNetwork programme network leadership groups, and experts from partner organisations. Individuals on the judging panels will not be confirmed until after the close of the nomination period as individuals from nominated organisations are precluded from serving as a panel judge. The judges’ decisions will be final.


How will the contact details submitted on the forms be handled?

We adhere to the Data Protection Act, so while we will need names and contact details those who wish to make a nomination, and the people they nominate, we will not pass this information onto any third party groups (such as the press) without their permission.


Can I attend the Awards Dinner?

Two free tickets are available per finalist. However, if a finalist has been nominated in more than one category the finalist may bring an additional person. If nominees are unable to attend, they may designate someone to attend in person on their behalf. All other tickets are by invitation only. Please note that tickets to the awards dinner are free, but finalists will need to pay their own travel and accommodation costs (as everyone else).


If you have further questions, please email: